USACE Savannah District: FBSB-86 Pesticide Remediation And Building Demolition – Former Pesticide Mixing And Storage Area, Fort Benning, GA

AAC has been awarded a sole-source contract from USACE Savannah District to address remaining DDT contamination in the soil for a site at Ft. Benning, Georgia. Historically, the project area was used by the Entomology Division of the DPW for mixing and storage of numerous pesticides and herbicides used across the entire infrastructure of Ft. Benning. In 1997, another contractor removed most of the contaminated soil around Building 267. Excavation activities could not be conducted near Building 267 because of concerns of collapsing. In 2004, a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) was approved by Georgia Environmental Protection Division stating when Building 267 is demolished, the contaminated soil around the building will be excavated and properly disposed offsite. Building 267 is now scheduled to be demolished, which will be accomplished in the first phase of this project.

AAC will completely delineate the area of excavation via Direct Push Technology borings at 3-foot horizontal spacing around the area previously delineated by USACE. Delineation results will define the extent of contamination before large diameter auger (LDA) activities. Based on the results of the delineation, AAC will design an excavation plan using a LDA to perform the excavation. All DDT-contaminated soil will be transported off-site for proper disposal. The LDA excavation will allow deep excavation (surface to 40 feet below surface) of pesticide impacted soil with minimal disruption to base operations. In addition, the LDA excavation prevents jobsite health and safety issues caused by open excavations, cave-ins, sloping, shoring, and removal/replacement of overburden.

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