First Division Road Landfill, Ft. Benning – US Army Corps Of Engineers

The AAC team operates and maintains the First Division Road Landfill. The landfill operation consists of the monthly inspection and monitoring of the gas content at 39 gas vents on the landfill, adjusting the methane flow from the gas vents to ensure that methane does not migrate off-site. Our team conducts maintenance on the submersible pumps, pumps waste water (leachate) accumulated in the collection system, properly disposes of the waste water, operates and maintains the methane collection equipment, monitors/calibrates telemetry readings, inspects and adjusts over one mile of methane piping, and collects gas readings on the perimeter methane monitoring wells. This methane gas extraction system is equipped with above-ground adjustable pipe stanchions so the condensate pipes can be easily adjusted as the landfill subsides.

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