Benefits of working with an Alaskan Native Corporation

Aleut Federal has several entities that are an 8(a) certified Alaskan Native Corporations (ANC). Unlike other 8(a) companies that are owned by individual business owners, we have the ability to receive sole source awards up to $100 million without justification and unlimited with justification. These awards cannot be protested, helping you as the customer expedite procurements to accomplish mission critical services.

In addition, if a contract includes either of the following clauses, you are eligible to apply for a 5% subcontracting rebate under the Indian Incentive Program:

  • 48 CFR 52.226-1 – Utilization of Indian Organizations and Indian-Owned Economic Enterprise
  • DFAR 252.226-7001 – DoD Indian Incentive Program

When contracting with our 8(a) companies you can claim the following categories in your small business contracting plan:

  • Small Business
  • Native American/Tribal
  • 8(a) Economically disadvantaged (13 CFR 124.109(a)(2))

Ability to sole-source contracts

  • Up to $100M without justification (48 CFR 206)
  • 8(a) sole sourced awards cannot be protested (13 CFR 124.517(a))