Aleut Federal Supplier Portal

Welcome to Aleut Federal (AF) Supplier Portal. This page, and associated links, is designed to give your company the information needed to become a part of the AF supplier community. At the bottom of this page you will find links and a brief description of what is contained in that section. Before you go into these specific areas, we want to share with you our commitment. We look forward to working with your company in bringing our collective strength to deliver fantastic results to our Customers.  See the information below to access various supplier functions.

Commitment – Customer Focus

Aleut is committed to sourcing materials and services from a diverse base of suppliers. As primarily a services oriented company committed to providing outstanding customer service, Aleut seeks out companies that share this same commitment to delivering exceptional performance at a competitive price.

  • Supplier Registration – Your company information needed to be added to AF supplier base.
  • Payments – AF Payment Terms, Billing Options, Points of Contact
  • Proposal Guidelines – AF expectations of your proposal/bids
  • Standards of Business Conduct – What you can expect for AF.
  • Government Registration and Representation – Links to access the Government Supplier registry.
  • Insurance Requirements – AF requirements for insurance coverages.
  • Terms and Conditions – AF Standard Ts and Cs for AMS Purchase Orders
  • Supplier Certified Payrolls – Email to:

Supplier Registration and Payments

Company Registration
To be a registered supplier in the Aleut Management Services system please contact us at:

Government Registration
Your company must also be registered in SAM which is the System for Award Management (SAM) and is the Official U.S. Government system

SAM Instruction
Create user account
Information needed:  Legal Company name, address

Billing Options
1.  AF Standard Payment Terms Net 45
2.  Construction and Major Labor Subcontracts Pay When Paid +10 days
All invoices must be sent to

Proposal Guidelines

Requests for Proposal (RFP)
AMS Procurement issues Requests for Proposal (RFP) on a regular basis for various services and materials for projects across the country. In order to ensure your proposal is accepted and has the greatest opportunity for success, review the following proposal guidelines and incorporate them into your submission.

  1. Thoroughly review the Statement of Work (SOW) or Product Specifications and submit any questions in writing or email to the Procurement Point of Contact responsible for the specific Procurement activity.
  2. Submit a Summary proposal page that includes the following:
    1.       Total Proposal Cost
    2.       Total Estimated Labor Hours and Rates (Breakout of Labor by Trade)
    3.       Material breakdown and costs
    4.       Equipment List and charges
    5.       2nd tier Subcontractor charges
  3. If desired, submit a detailed bid with more information to support your Summary proposal.
  4. On a separate page, provide a detailed time-frame estimate and schedule to complete work.
  5. If a new bidder, provide a general description of your firm including its organization, financial resources, and capabilities. Clearly demonstrate the existence of resources, capacity, and equipment. Provide your past experience that will demonstrate your ability to successfully complete the requirements. Include two representative projects that you have completed and client references (name, title, address, telephone number and email address).
  6. Any exceptions to SOW must be detailed in the Contractor’s proposal.
  7. If applicable, list proposed lower-tier subcontractors that will be used in performing work.
  8. Include a current Certificate of Insurance or a statement that you can obtain the requested insurance and bonding or list levels that can be obtained. (See AMS insurance requirements located in this Supplier Portal)
  9. If a Project is a construction project subject to the Davis Bacon Act (DBA), which will be identified in the RFP, please indicate if you will be using CBA labor to complete work. If yes, we will require explanation of fringe rate payouts per your Union Agreement along with your proposal.
  10. Material “up-front” payments are not typically available. However, should you require special consideration, this must be submitted with your proposal.

AF Awards
Should your proposal be accepted and an award is offered to your company, the following are required within 3 days of notification:

  • 1. Supplier Registration Packet completed (see Supplier Registration in Portal).
  • 2. Completed Representations and Certifications (SAM will be utilized, if registered)
  • 3. A Vendor Statement verifying that your company utilizes the Federal E-Verify System (if required by Contract – FAR 52.222-54)
  • 4. Certificate(s) of Insurance (if Required)
  • 5. Executive Compensation Letter (Awards $30,000 and above)

For Projects subject to DBA, once the selected Offeror has received either a Notice to Proceed or a Purchase Order, the Subcontractor is required to submit a completed SF 1413 within 10 days. Weekly Certified Payroll is required to be submitted per Federal requirements. Any questions regarding submission of certified payroll can be found at
SAM Registration (required for suppliers wishing to do sustained business with AMS)

  • Suppliers registered in SAM are accessible to all Government Procurement and Defense Industry Procurement Representatives for potential sourcing opportunities
  • Representations and Certifications are done once and available for use in all solicitations
  • No cost for registration

To register in SAM use the following link: your company chooses not to register in SAM, please contact AMS Procurement at 719-262-7165.

Standards of Business Conduct

AF Procurement Department directly supports many Government Prime Contracts and Subcontracts where the AF is buying goods and services on behalf of the US Government. As such, the AF Procurement Department abides by the policies established by Federal statutes. AF Procurement seeks to procure goods and services with integrity and in accordance with FAR policies and Procedures, not giving even the appearance of impropriety or undue influence when making purchasing decisions.

Gifts and Gratuities
AF Procurement representatives are prohibited from receiving gifts and gratuities, except for promotional items of nominal value (mugs, calendars, pens, etc.).

Supply Base Diversity
AF seeks to attract and retain a diverse supply base. AF supply representatives are responsible to:
a. Provide diverse suppliers the opportunity to participate in sourcing opportunities.
b. Ensure long-term program viability through application of forward-thinking concepts, ideas and innovation.
c. Encourage and support diversity of thought, ideas and innovation.

Representations and Certifications

AF Procurement activity requires all suppliers wishing to do business with AF to register in System of Award Management (SAM) the official Government database of suppliers. The AF requirement for suppliers to be registered in SAM is not just for AF’s advantage in saving administrative time, but there are numerous advantages to the suppliers:

  • Suppliers registered in SAM are accessible to all Government Procurement and Defense Industry Procurement Representatives for potential sourcing opportunities.
  • Representations and Certifications are done once and available for use in all solicitations
  • No cost for registration

To register in SAM use the following link:

If your company chooses not to register in SAM, please contact AMS Procurement at 719-262-7165.

Insurance Requirements

AF core business is providing various types of services to Government Customers. These services span; facilities management and support; engineering and IT support; and construction. In nearly all instances, AF performs these services at the Customer’s facilities. AF has established insurance coverage requirements that align with the type of business AF performs.

Terms and Conditions

Aleut standard Terms & Conditions apply to all Request For Quotes (RFQ), Purchase Orders and Subcontract Awards. Please select the appropriate file as stated on the RFQ, Purchase Order, Subcontract Award or based upon original date of agreement with Aleut. All questions regarding types of agreement and/or applicable versions should be directed to the appropriate procurement agent. Review our Terms and Conditions.